How to work out your hourly rate

Ever get stuck with what to charge?! Then Check out this handy guide!

Should I take this job

Being freelance can be tricky especially deciding what job to take. Use this flow chart to see if that job offer is one you should take…or run away from!

Useful Paperwork

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Diverse Basics

One of you lovely readers suggested we add a list of where to get basics in a range of skin colours.

So here are the companies we have found so far, but it is by no means comprehensive. A lot don’t sell a full range or don’t sell globally.

Venue facilities

We are looking to set up an online database where you can search the theatre you are touring to and it will give you recommendations on the local area. If you could fill in the form for your local theatre (feel free to fill it in more than once for other theatres you know) then we would be eternally grateful and will feed you biscuits next time we are all in the same room


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